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This app works with username, password and a server URL that we will send to you by Email when you select this app with your order.

Example of m3u link: http://adresse-du-serveur.com:8789/get.php?username=5799&password=abCD123&type=m3u&output=ts

In the case of the m3u link above, the server connection details are as follows: Username: 5799 Password: abCD123 Server URL: http://adresse-du-serveur.com:878


1-You need to download the VLC Media Player so you can try IPTV on PC

2- Install the VLC software and open it.

3-Navigate to Media and select Open Network Stream. 4-Enter your unique IPTV subscription link.

5-Press play and wait until you see the channels.


You will need to install on your smart tv either Smart STB or Smart IPTV application.

On this tutorial we will only focus on SMART IPTV App which you can get it from almost all smart tv app stores with free for seven days. Then you can make a one-time payment of €5.49 and start using it. If you have a problem with this application contact us To help you with other applications.

1-First, you need to check if your Samsung/LG TV or Fire Stick is compatible with SMART TV IPTV. You need to go to the app store and look for the “Smart IPTV” application. If you can see the application, your device is compatible and you can download the application.

2-Once you have downloaded the Smart IPTV application, launch it.

3-Note the MAC address you can see on the screen. 4-Now visit http://siptv.eu/mylist/.

5-Navigate to the section called “Add an external playlist link”. You must enter the MAC address here. You must also include the unique URL of your IPTV subscription under the field called “Link”.

6-You must ensure that you select “Miscellaneous” from the country drop-down list.

7-Check the “Keep Online” box.

8-Now select the “Add Link” button.

9-Restart the TV.

10-If you want to see the channel groups, simply press the blue button you see on the remote control.


You need to connect your MAG device to the Internet and television to be able to able to watch IPTV for Mag. Then you need to follow these steps.

1-Navigate to Settings, System Settings, Servers and Portals.

2-Set WEBTV as Portal 1

3-Enter the URL in your email at the URL section of Portal 1.

4-Leave the name of Portal 2 empty.

5-Leave the URL of Portal 2 empty.



8-you can now see the list of channels.


A)-If use iPlay TV

1-Go to the App Store and download iPlay TV.

2-Download the unique subscription URL.

3-You will then be able to see the playlist. B)-If use GSE smart IPTV Pro

1-Go to the App Store and download GSE SMART IPTV pro.

2-Accept the EULA rule

3-Select the parameters you can see in the left corner 4-Locate the menu called “XTREAM CODES API”.

5-Add Xtream url, username and password

6-Select “ADD”.

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